Step 1

Initial Consultation and Estimate

Please provide as much of this information as possible in order for us to accurately quote your job.

What type of sign(s) are you looking for?

  • Blade/Hanging Sign
  • Sign Band Storefront Sign
  • Window Signage
  • Murals + Surface
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Vehicles
  • Other / Uncertain

Are you looking for:  

  • Interior Signs
  • Exterior Signs
  • Both?

What are the potential dimensions of the sign?

If the sign or mural is to be painted directly on a surface, what is the surface? ( for example: brick, stucco, concrete block, raw, primed etc)

Do you need us to supply a design or artwork for the sign?

Will the sign be single or double sided?

What will the exact wording be as it appears on the sign? 

    Do you have colors that need to be matched?  You can provide examples or specific Pantone codes if needed.

    Will you need us to provide installation?

    Step 2

    Deposits, Scheduling and Revisions


    After we have received the above information we will provide you with an estimate as to our best idea of how much it will cost to complete your job. Sometimes this estimate can change due to unexpected situations arising. If the estimate does change, we will contact you before starting any additional work that would incur charges beyond our initial estimate.

    If you accept the estimate as we send it, we require a 50% deposit in order to schedule the work. 

    Should you decide to cancel the job we will refund your deposit minus the cost of design, labor and materials that have already gone into the job depending on where we are in the process.


    Once we receive your deposit we will set up a date to start the work depending on your needs and our work volume. In the spring and summer we get busy pretty quickly so it takes a bit longer to produce work. Once we get into the winter we can usually set up jobs with just a few weeks lead time. We get started working on your sign after we receive a deposit.

    Revisions, Designs and Permitting

    If we are designing your sign we include one free round of revisions to our designs. Any subsequent revision beyond that will be subject to an hourly cost increase due upon completion of the work. Requesting revisions may also increase the time frame for completion and may result in a rescheduling if the process extends into another job.

    Unless specified at the initial request, any extra materials such as a shop drawings or site mock up will incur an additional fee based on our hourly rate.

    Our signs are original artworks that shouldn't be reproduced or replicated without explicit, written consent from us. If you would like your sign as a logo we can send a separate estimate that includes the cost of digitizing the design for use as such.

    Step 3

    Job Completion/         Final Payment

    Once we have finished the physical construction and painting of your sign we will schedule a time with you to come and install it.

    Final payment is due within 30 days of the completion or installation of your sign.